The goals of Pacific Associates services are to:
  • Help job seekers find meaningful work.
  • Help unemployed and employed individuals enhance their career options and earning potential through further training.
  • Help employers pair up with qualified people who will become valuable members of their workforce.
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Pacific Associates is an equal opportunity employer and provider of employment and training programs. Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to persons of disability. WTRS 800.833.6384 or 711

WorkSource is a one-stop service that combines the employment, training and funding resources of several agencies to offer job seekers and businesses the most effective and efficient assistance possible. Pacific Associates, as a major partner of WorkSource, offers services at locations throughout King County.

The services offered by Pacific Associates include:

Skill Development
This service is for job seekers who do not have the skills that lead to a meaningful career and economic self-sufficiency. It is also for those who have been laid off and find that their job skills are no longer marketable.

The staff at Pacific Associates helps individuals choose a satisfying career with the potential for a healthy income. In order to accomplish this, we offer:
  • Training in high demand occupations at public and private training institutions located throughout the region
  • Assistance in developing funding packages, including career scholarships, is available directly through our office.
Employment Connections
For job seekers who have marketable skills but need assistance in obtaining employment, Pacific Associates can help:
  • Make sure your employment search tools and approaches give you the best opportunity to land the job you want
  • Identify job opportunities
  • Discover additional employment possibilities you may not have considered
  • Open doors to employer contacts developed through more than 25 years of experience.
The programs offered at WorkSource locations are funded by the Seattle-King County Workforce Development Council with federal Workforce Investment Act (WIA) funds.

The Career Pathways program offers customized services to help companies address critical labor shortages. Pacific Associates helps employers obtain resources to address these labor needs. We also help employees identify career paths within their companies — and help them obtain the skills necessary to move up and fill identified labor needs.

The program works closely with WorkSource to develop customized training and employee recruiting strategies, as well as other services to assist with personnel needs. It is funded jointly by the Seattle-King County Workforce Development Council and local employers.

The goal of this program is to provide customers with the knowledge and resources needed to make informed financial decisions, as well as manage and understand the consequences of those decisions. A working knowledge of the following key topic areas is the first step in becoming financially literate:
  • Financial goals and planning
  • Credit and loans
  • Money management
  • Saving and investments
Pacific Associates provides financial literacy workshops and individualized financial mentoring services to unemployed and underemployed people in our community. We also offer financial resource training to employment professionals, training professionals, and other human services providers assisting these populations.

The Financial Literacy & Mentoring Program was developed and funded by the Office of Port Jobs through a grant from the National Endowment for Financial Literacy (NEFE).